Jeff Driggs grew up in West Virginia, the third of six boys.    Jeff took up square dancing as a youngster and began calling square dances as a teenager in the early 70’s, where he had the opportunity to learn from many of Appalachia’s best western-style and old time square dance callers.  

  Jeff began clogging in 1980, where he danced to the live bluegrass music every weekend at the clogging halls around his home town.    Soon after, he joined a performing group called the Black Bear Cloggers.    At an open-mic teaching session at Fontana, North Carolina in 1983 he caught the eye of Bobbie and Dewey Paul of Ohio, who offered him a staff teaching spot the following year.   Jeff spent the next year performing, dancing and choreographing in preparation for his first workshop.   Jeff’s skill as a cuer and his humorous presentation style struck a chord with the dancers, and offers for more workshops began to come in.   Since that time, Jeff’s teaching schedule has grown to include dozens of workshop appearances a year.    He has taught throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe and Australia and has received numerous awards and honors.     Over his years of teaching, he has written over 300 dances, including Ida Red, Mamma Mia, Trains Trains, Marry Me, Spirit of the Hawk and many more.      

   As a performer, Jeff has made several appearances with the Opry Square Dancers on the Grand Ole Opry, and in shows with Country Music artists Vince Gill, Bryan White, Ricky Skaggs and others.  His routines are taught and danced worldwide, and his DancePack instructional video series has subscribers around the world.    His choreography has been performed in national parades, international festivals, Bowl Game Halftime Shows, theme parks and more.   Jeff has served as an officer in many national clogging organizations, and is the owner and editor of the Double Toe Times clogging magazine.

  Jeff lives in Winfield, West Virginia.   And -- yes -- Jeff has a "real job," as the Director of Communications and Marketing for West Virginia University’s Health Sciences Center in Charleston.

All "cowboyed up" for a Square Dance - 1980

Dancing at Hoedown Island, KY with Scotty McKee - 1985

Workshopping in San Antonio Texas with Scotty Bilz - 1986

At Fontana Village NC for the Easter Weekend Possum Hooler Workshop with Chip Summey - late 1980's

Duet Partner Joyce Hensley of Florida - mid 1980's

With the Williams Family Cloggers of Utah

Making a new friend down under - 1986

At BYU with Scotty Bilz, Tandy Barrett, Jeff Parrott, Vickie Austin, and Chip Woodall - 1989

Backstage at the Opry - 2003

Dancing on the Grand Ole Opry - 2003

Reno NV 2003

Celebrating ALL THAT's Clogging on "Dance Fever" with Steve and Janet Smith, Mike Curtis, Jared Smith and Jeff Parrott

With my good friend Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle at Fontana NC - 2004

In Vegas with Delohn Collins, Jessie Venhuizen, Brian Staggs, Sarah and James Venhuizen and Mike Curtis

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